Coachella Recordings - How to Rate Performances

Once you are logged into the site (either by visiting the login page or signing up - must have cookies enabled for either), you can now rate all the different Coachella performances to your liking on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best obviously).

When you visit a source page (such as Sasha & John Digweed in 2008) you will now see something like this:
This is the star box, which you will use to rate the said performane. It may appear empty (like the example) if no one before you has rated this performance prior to you. To rate it, just hover your mouse over whatever star you want...the star the furthest to the left represents a "1", and the star the furthest to the right represents a "10"....everything in between ranges from a "2" to a "9" obviously. Once you've hovered your mouse over the star of your choice, it should look like this:
Once you hover your mouse over the star, you are free to click it, which will then send your rating into the database and log it for future reference. The star box will now show the average vote across the stars (in this case a "9") and display the number of votes so far (in this case, one). Like this:
Once you rate one performance, move onto the next and repeat.
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