Coachella Recordings - How to Write Reviews

Once you are logged into the site (either by visiting the log in page or signing up - must have cookies enabled for either), you will be able to write reviews for all the different Coachella performances, which will then be submitted (and once approved, visible to anyone who visits the website).

When you visit a source page (such as Daft Punk in 2006) you will now see something like this:
Click the "Write A Review" link underneath the band name, and the page will auto scroll down to the review form for you to fill out, which you see below:
Write your review in the box provided (can be as long as you like - no html tags are allowed), and then be sure to enter the security/captcha image correctly (if not, the review will not be submitted). Once you do that, click the sumbit button (circled) and bam, you're done! Your review will be sent to me for approval, and once I approve of it, it will be posted and visible on the site. (I set up this approval program, so that the review system is not abused or spammed). Again, once approved, your review will become visible, like below:
Rinse and repeat for any band/performances you want.
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