The Coachella Recordings "Coachella Countdown" Pebble Watchface App

Coachella Recordings Pebble Watches

Coachella Recordings Pebble Watch QR Code

To download the Watchface file, scan the above QR code with your smartphone (iPhone or Android), and then open the file using the Pebble Watch App (must be installed on your phone, download from the Apple App store, or Google Play store).

This Pebble Watchface app features a digital clock (in both 12hr and 24hr formats) and the current date (in ddd mm-dd-yyyy format) set against the Coachella background. At the bottom of the screen is a live dynamic countdown (in days), that tells you how many days are remaining until Coachella 2014 Weekend 1. Once weekend 1 ends, the countdown will automatically start counting down towards weekend 2. Now you will never have to go another day without knowing how long you have until you can get back out into the desert to enjoy an awesome weekend of music and art.

You can also find the app available to download on MyPebbleFaces at the link below:

Countdown to
Coachella 2015

Weekend 1
Is Over...

Weekend 2
Is Over...