Coachella 2005 - April 30 - May 1

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Appearances at Coachella:
1 (7% of all Coachella's)

Year played:

Stage played on:
Sahara Tent (2005)

UNKLE (James Lavelle)
Saturday - April 30, 2005

Tent: Sahara Tent
Set Time: -
•   (including In A State and god moving over the face of water)


AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Core Sound Binaurals (9V BatBox >Line In) > Sony PCM-M1 > Maxell 90m DAT @48k
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Recording is 1:15:40 in length and a little bass heavy. Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age made a special appearance during this set.
AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Unknown
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: It's rumored a second source of this show may exists, partly due to somone's comment "i'm just downloading this torrent, at the mo' i have another version" posted on a music forum.
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