Coachella 2006 - April 29-30

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Sahara Tent (2006)

Daft Punk
Saturday - April 29, 2006

Tent: Sahara Tent
Set Time: 11:00pm - 12:20am
•  Intro (Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme)
•  Robot Rock
•  Technologic
•  Television Rules the Nation
•  Crescendolls
•  Steam Machine
•  Around the World
•  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
•  Too Long
•  Face to Face
•  One More Time
•  One More Time (Aerodynamic Remix)
•  The Brainwashers (Rollin' N Scratchin' Remix)
•  Alive
•  Da Funk
•  Human After All (Superheroes Remix)

Notes: This was Daft Punk's first US performance in seven years.



AMT #1 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Unknown (digital camera)
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Recording is 58 mins in length and is shot from the far back of the tent. Includes wide shots, and close ups of the projector screens. Was transferred to DVD and was used in the fan made matrix video/bootleg.
AMT #2 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Unknown (digital camera)
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Shot from the front pit section, and includes mostly close ups of the pyramid from the left side. Very shaky at times. Includes the beginning of the show. Portions of this video were used on the fan made matrix/bootleg video.
AMT #3 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Unknown (digital camera)
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Shot from the far left side of the tent, and includes random sections of the set including Television Rules the Nation. Footage from this video was used on the fan made matrix/bootleg video.
AMT #4 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Panasonic Digital Camera (unknown model)
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Shot from dead center, and footage from the video is used on the fan made matrix/bootleg video.
AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment:
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Commonly mislabeled as being from the soundboard.
  • Quality: 10/10 (What's this?)
  • Alternative content

AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment: DPA 4061 > Core Sound batt box > Sony MZ-RH10 (HiSP mode)
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Missing the first ten minutes of the set.
PRO #1 - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: It's rumored part or this entire set will be transferred over to an official DVD video.
Various AMT's

  • Equipment: Digital cameras
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Footage shot from AMT #1, 2, 3, 4 and various other short video clips were blended together to create a DVD of the entire performance. The AUD #1 source was used for the audio track, and images from the night were used to fill portions that there was no

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First live show in nine years, and nobody knew what to expect, and everyone was blown away. A truly legendary performance that proved once again that none of the other festivals in America can top Coachella. Sure, they played Lollapalooza and Vegoose in 2007, but by then everyone knew what amazingness to expect.
Posted By Boourns
Perhaps one of the greatest Coachella performances ever. 20 years from now, people will still be talking about this. I feel so privileged for having been there and witnessing it. I had butterflies before they come on, not knowing what the expect. All the lights went off, the crowd was silent, then the Close Encounters music hit, and then curtain pulled up to reveal the robots in a pyramid. I'm still sorta speechless to this day. Unreal.
Posted By Erik Massie
nothing rivaled this performance until Portishead in 2008. All I could talk about for months on end was how brilliant and mindblowing this show was and i couldn't even get inside the tent.
Posted By Pixiessp

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