Coachella 2008 - April 25-27

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Appearances at Coachella:
1 (7% of all Coachella's)

Year played:

Stage played on:
Coachella Stage (2008)

Saturday - April 26, 2008

Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: -
•  Silence
•  Mysterons
•  The Rip
•  Glory Box
•  Wandering Star
•  Machine Gun
•  Over
•  Sour Times
•  Cowboy
•  Threads
•  Roads
•  We Carry On

Notes: This was Portishead's first US show in 10 years.


AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment: MM-HLSC-1 > MM-MBM (roll off @ 96hz) > R09 @ 24/48
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Recorded about 100 feet back and left of center from stage.
  • Alternative content

AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment:
  • Complete?: Yes
AUD #3 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Unknown > R09
  • Complete?: Yes
PRO #1 - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: The performance was part of the AT&T webcast. The audio circulates as .mp3's.
  • Alternative content

PRO #2 - professional video

  • Equipment: Unknown
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Features only "Silence", "Threads", and "Mysterons" and is availabe for purchase on the iTunes video store. It's possible this actually just the video from the AT&T webcast and therefore PRO #1.

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Oh, my, the wait was worth it. I got into them shortly after they dispersed for other pastures so I'd never had the pleasure. Also, much like with Massive Attack in 2006, though I love the records I didn't expect it to translate so well live. I love being wrong. Beth sounded so haunting, everything was so powerful. Easily the best set of the day; in contention for best of the weekend. And I have liked Third but wow those songs translate live so well. I mean, damn, their music just works so well live. "Threads" was a highlight.
Posted By mountmccabe
no words can describe the sorrowful exhilaration of this performance. Tears were shed. My feet didn't touch the ground they were playing.
Posted By Pixiessp

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