Coachella 2004 - May 1-2

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Appearances at Coachella:
2 (13% of all Coachella's)

Years played:
2004, 2010

Stages played on:
Coachella Stage (2004)
Coachella Stage (2010)

Sunday - May 02, 2004

Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: -
No setlist found =(
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AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment: DPA 4061s > PZMOD CSbox (80 Hz rolloff) > M1
  • Complete?: Yes

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My friend and I went to get some stuff signed by Belle and Sebastian (the record tent faced the main stage in 2004) and I heard the start of Hysteria. I'd never heard of Muse before, and I sprinted to the front of the (mostly empty) main stage. One of the best Coachella performances I've ever seen.
Posted By bmack86

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