Coachella 2004 - May 1-2

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Appearances at Coachella:
1 (7% of all Coachella's)

Year played:

Stage played on:
Coachella Stage (2004)

Saturday - May 01, 2004

Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: -
•  Bone Machine
•  Umass
•  Isla de Encanta
•  Wave of Mutilation
•  Broken Face
•  Cactus
•  Caribou
•  No. 13 Baby
•  Gouge Away
•  Tame
•  Monkey Gone to Heaven
•  Debaser
•  Velouria
•  Hey Gigantic
•  Nimrod's Son
•  Here Comes Your Man
•  Vamos
•  In Heaven
•  Where Is My Mind?
•  Into the White

Notes: This was the first major performance of the Pixies 2004 reunion tour.



AMT #1 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Unknown
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Includes only three songs, and is included as an 'easter egg' in the 2-disc Radiohead DVD from the same night.
AMT #2 - amateur video

  • Equipment: Digital camera > memory card
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Includes only Where Is My Mind? and is available in .mov format as the lowest generation.
AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment: AT831 (SP-CMC-2)>SPSB-1 w/ rolloff @ 69Hz>Nomad Jukebox 3, Line in (not mic), 16 bit 44.1kHz, +4 db gain
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Recorded from 10' left of the front of the sbd, maybe 100' or so from the stage, mics 6' up (clear shot).
  • Alternative content

AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment: OKMIIr > A3 (battery box) > PCM-M1 w/shoulder bag mounted mics
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Taped approx. 30ft from speaker on left side of stage. Shoulder bag mounted mics. Recording is missing the first song (Bone Machine).
AUD #3 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Mics > MD
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Recording doesn't circulate.
AUD #4 - audience audio

  • Equipment: DPA4061 > PZ mod box> M1
  • Complete?: Yes
PRO #1a - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Includes only Caribou, Gigantic, and Into the White, and is included in the DVD entitled Pixies: Sellout. Other various song clips from the show are included in the intro video.
PRO #1b - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?: No
  • Notes: Includes only Where Is My Mind? and the end of Into the White, and is included in the Coachella movie DVD.
SBD #1 - soundboard audio

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Recording was made by DiscLive and was available on a limited number of pressed CDs (split onto two discs) after the show. The original recording had SBE errors, and is commonly circulated as a single CD-R with fixed errors, and sometimes remastered soun
  • Quality: 10/10 (What's this?)
  • Alternative content

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I became so obsessed with the Pixies band after this performance. Truly rocked my socks off. This was the set that elevated Coachella to major baller status and proved that festivals were not only feasible in America but a necessity. Never have they sounded better than at Coachella.
Posted By Boourns
Clearly a favorite of mine. I had waited 13 years to see this band again.Attending this Coachella and seeing this band reawaken my immense love of music. It was a turning point for me and i sang like a madwoman.
Posted By Pixiessp

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