Coachella 2007 - April 27-29

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Appearances at Coachella:
3 (20% of all Coachella's)

Years played:
2005, 2007, 2011

Stages played on:
Outdoor Theatre (2005)
Coachella Stage (2007)
Coachella Stage (2011)

Arcade Fire
Saturday - April 28, 2007

Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: -
•  Keep the Car Running
•  Black Mirror
•  Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
•  Haïti
•  Intervention
•  Ocean of Noise
•  (Antichrist Television Blues)
•  My Body is a Cage
•  Wake Up
•  Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
•  Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
•  Rebellion (Lies)
•  No Cars Go



AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment:
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Quality: 8.5/10 (What's this?)
  • Alternative content

AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Unknown
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Quality: 7/10 (What's this?)
  • Alternative content

PRO #1 - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknown
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: This was broadcasted as part of AT&T's Blueroom webcast. Footage was captured at 900kbs, and the audio circulates as .mp3's.

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I was entirely in awe of their performance. i do not own any Arcade Fire CD's. I have tried to like their CD's but so far I am not taken in by them. Their live performance, on the other hand,is something to witness indeed. I will definitely see them again.
Posted By Pixiessp
This was my first time seeing Arcade Fire live (missed them in 2005) and this performance was a masterpiece. Part of me had considered only staying for half the set, and then running over to the Sahara Tent to see Justice (what a stupid decision that would have been), but clear thinking prevailed, and I got to witness Arcade Fire storm through their catalog of impressive and powerful songs. I hope they come back soon!
Posted By Erik Massie

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