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Aphex Twin - DJ Set (36 Minutes) - Coachella 2008

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Artist: Aphex Twin
Song: DJ Set (36 Minutes)
Source: AMT #1
Year: 2008
Date: 04/25/2008
Stage: Sahara Tent
Camera Model: Canon Powershot S5IS

Description: I got into the tent over 2 hours early for this performance! I watched Sandra Collins (who wasn't half bad) and Diplo (who I could have done without), and then the sky got dark, the lights were dimmed, and Mr. Richard D. James himself finally showed up from behind the curtains! I couldn't believe it, it was really him! The myth, the legend, there he was standing on stage about 100 feet from me. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Was he gonna drop a bunch of songs off his albums, or perhaps unleash some brutal drum n bass? Well...what we got instead was a pleasent surprise, as his set started off calm and groovy (with a few House classics), and eventually worked its way into a furious frenzy with lasers bouncing off every corner of the tent, the ground shaking from the heavy bass, a little kid running around stage, a bunch of dancing animals, people going crazy and Richard peacefully sitting there with his head barely visible above the table (he had to have planned all that right?). Before we all knew it, the music had stopped, and Richard actually acknowledged the crowd (I thought he never did that!?) giving us the thumbs up and a friendly wave before disappearing again (will we ever see him again?). It was surreal.

I was only able to capture the first 36 minutes worth of his performance becasue my 4gb memory card ran full! I had plenty of battery life to keep going (over half), but the 4gb card proved to be to small. I should of had an 8gb card damnit! But I guess at this point, having something is cleary better than nothing, right?

And to Ronnie and Gabe, I can see you both in this video, sorry I didn't see you waving or calling my name prior to the set, I must be both blind and deaf!
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So beautiful!
Posted by Erik Massie on 11/16/2009 at 04:23:01 PM EST
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